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dalej in inglese:

1. further

further information
The life lesson: giving people the benefit of the doubt can further your career and personal relationships!
OK, now turn to your right, a little further, a little further... good. Now lie still on your back.
This block of apartments is a building that takes both the environment and health into consideration. From now on we want to further expand this system and knowhow.
Further investigation will offer many opportunities to obtain more valuable knowledge of the ocean.
The further I went the more irresistible became the feeling that I was going round and round in circles.
We are concerned about the further actualization of current problems among youth, such as truancy, dislike of school and lack of appropriate character development.
In order to prevent a further drop of the Japanese currency, the Bank of Japan intervened in the market to support it at around 150 yen to the dollar.
You can get further details of our products from our internet site, http://www.jpgarden.com.
With most of the arts, if you don't get the basics down properly then it is difficult to acquire further skills.
After graduating from college my brother went to the United States for the purpose of doing further research.
I will not help you, further, I will tell the teacher that you are cheating. Jim lives further away from my flat. Any further ideas will not be taken into consideration.
Many disabled people of all stripes are further disadvantaged by a culture that fails to understand, let alone meet, their needs.
In particular, it is customary for actual examples of use of the harmonic mean to generally cover "average speed," and explain no further than that.

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2. onwards

She drove me onwards.
They lived there from the 1980s onwards.
I will be available from 1 pm onwards
The Viking expansion from the 9th century onwards reached areas such as Normandy, Galicia, Andalusia, Sicily and Crimea.

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3. went on

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4. Come on

We've come on a lot since last year.
Oh, come on, you can't be serious!
This is a primitive come on, buddy.

5. keep on

If you keep on making such a noise I won’t read you a story.
Why you always keep on asking me about Mark? I don't want to talk about him!
I keep on expecting Peter to walk past me in the shower
I'm not ready to stop yet. I think I'll keep on working for a while.
i keep on telling my husband to lose some weight but he just won’t listen
When you're finished packing the boxes you can keep on doing the washing
He's going to keep on taking test until he passes.
We have to keep on the way we were going.
You have to keep on running.
I keep on forgeting my keys.
If you keep on telling such silly jokes, I’ll leave.

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