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helikopter in inglese:

1. helicopter helicopter

A helicopter is able to take off and land straight up and down.
Tom grabbed the rope that was lowered from the helicopter.
The president is flying into town by helicopter.
The helicopter is hovering overhead.
Tell those people to back off so that the helicopter can land.
The speed of an airplane is much greater than that of a helicopter.
They hired a helicopter.
He was transported to the hospital by helicopter.
The helicopter is so useful that someday it may take the place of cars and trains.
The police and firefighters rescue people with boats and helicopters
As Marr flew over Tokyo in a helicopter he saw football pitches and playgrounds on top of buildings.
We had a helicopter trip over New York City.
I dream to have got a helicopter one day.
My cousin Nick is taking me for a ride in his helicopter.
Tim's uncle was a machine gunner on a helicopter in Vietnam.

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