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tłusty in inglese:

1. greasy greasy

My hair is greasy.
Raphael never minds how greasy his hair is.
His sleeve touched the greasy pan.
What is that greasy stuff on your shirt?
This food is greasy.
My hair gets greasy fast. Besides this proves that greasy food doesnt ruin your artery.
Consisting of bacon and cheese, the sandwich was quite greasy.
Avoid greasy dishes.
Although some designs are better than others, over- or undershooting your desired gear is common, and if you’re pedaling too fast or under too heavy a load, the chain can easily slip off the gears entirely, requiring a greasy manual adjustment.
Don't touch the photos with your greasy fingers!
fettig greasy food.
Don't touch my friend's laptop, your fingers are greasy.
Your hair looks really greasy.
The sink was piled high with greasy dishes.
The stylists, in all their pompous, branded majesty, doubted that the girl who had just approached them was fixable: her clothes were greasy, tattered, and devoid of rhinestones and logos.

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2. fatty fatty

I know I should avoid fatty food, but, unfortunately, I really like it.
You should cut down on fatty foods.
As far as diet is concerned, we should always give priority to simple whole food over richer and meatier fatty products.
The English breakfast is very fatty.
In order to lose weight you must avoid eating fatty foods.
fatty food
Too much fatty food can cause heart disease.
I want to eat less fatty stuff.
John got in trouble for calling his classmate a fatty
If you call someone a fatty, you are criticizing or insulting them for being fat.
This is a rather fatty cut of meat.

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3. rich

She seems rich.
It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.
Keeping up with the Joneses is expensive in rich town like Beverly Hills.
The Japanese hesitate to regard themselves as being as rich as they are said to be.
My rich neighbors belong to a private golf club.
Foods rich in vitamin E include dark-green, leafy vegetables, beans, nuts and whole-grain cereals.
Let's suppose you happen to strike it rich at the races.
Such an economic program will help the rich at the expense of the poor.
Rich soil yields good crops.
Which foods are rich in calories and which aren't?
Her standards for men are impossibly high, thanks to a girlhood rich in Disney, Cosmopolitan, and private school.
Democracy exists where there is nobody so rich to buy another and nobody so poor to be supplied.
Looks, brains, reflexes, rich family and, for good measure, vice president of the student committee - in other words he's 'perfect'.
Justice in this country is a bit of a double standard: there is the justice of the poor and the justice of the rich.
He told me he was incredibly rich and owned a Ferrari, but I saw through him at once.

4. oily

I don't like this salad – it's too oily!
My clothes have an oily smell because I ate at an okonomiyaki place.

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5. fat

Just as there are few fat "old maids," there are few fat bachelors.
A fat man seldom dislikes anybody very hard or for very long.
Fat hens lay few eggs.
Almost the only time a fat man loses his temper is when he has been deprived of his food.
He's fat
Many U.S. politicians depend on contributions from fat cats for their campaigns.
You never know, she might tell him the truth. "Yeah, fat chance!"
In the carriage sat a gentleman, not attractive, but also not unattractive, not too fat nor too thin; one could not call him old, but he also was not too young.
We've got taller so they don't fit. "Right, it's certainly not that we've got fat!" "The useful phrase 'grown up' is our trump card."
She was, unlike her daughter, of small stature and her body was fat on the sides. It was as if a human head had been fitted unto the body of a pig.
Would King Albert have an affair with Princess Diana? I think not. He's too fat.
Every Tuesday her fat little fingers flew like birds up and down the keys of song too.
Jane is fat and rude, and smokes too much. However, Ken thinks she's lovely and charming. That's why they say love is blind.
The fat woman, the young couple, the sleeping Indian and the tall man in black, but now skin and flesh and hair had disappeared, and empty eye sockets stared from gleaming white skulls.
I know I should avoid fatty food, but, unfortunately, I really like it.

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