Finnish idioms 101 - 150

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juosten kustu
(as if) urinated while running
inizia ad imparare
used to describe something that's been done in a hurry and thus ends in a poor result
kuin Euroopan omistaja
like the owner of Europe
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acting posh and snobby
iloinen kuin peipponen
as happy as a chaffinch
inizia ad imparare
very happy
tuulesta temmattu
grabbed from the wind
inizia ad imparare
having no basis on the truth; English equivalent for "made from whole cloth"
eilisen teeren poika
a son of yesterday's grouse
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used to define someone unexperienced and/or gullible
rabbit pants
inizia ad imparare
a coward
ovela kuin kettu
sly like a fox
inizia ad imparare
very sly
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