Finnish idioms 251 - 300

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grave serious
inizia ad imparare
very serious
ihmisten aikaan
at people's time
inizia ad imparare
at a decent time, on time
jäädä suustaan kiinni
to get stuck by one's mouth
inizia ad imparare
to get stuck in a conversation, often meant in a good sense
olla ihan pihalla
to be completely on the yard / outside
inizia ad imparare
to be clueless, to not know what's going on
with one throw
inizia ad imparare
at once, all at once
olla (jotain) hampaankolossa
to have something in the space between two teeth
inizia ad imparare
to hold grudges
käydä yöpuulle
to get on a night wood
inizia ad imparare
to go to sleep
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