Getting dressed (dialogues) - Sech undoen (Dialog)

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Can I put on this top?
Go ahead.
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Dierf ech dësen Top undoen?
Maach du roueg.
I would like to put on my belt.
Here you go.
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Ech wéilt gär mäi Rimm undoen.
Hei hues du en.
Where is my hairband?
Let's look for it.
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Wou ass mäi Reef?
Komm mir sichen et zesummen.
I want to put on my sandals.
They are dirty.
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Ech wëll meng Sandalen undoen.
Se si knaschteg.
Where is my hat?
I don't know.
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Wou ass mäin Hutt?
Ech weess et net.
Can you help me find my gloves?
Check in the drawer.
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Kanns du mir hëllefe meng Händschen ze fannen?
Kuck am Tirang no.
I want to wear my new trainers.
They are next to the door.
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Ech wëll meng nei Turnschlappen undoen.
Se si bei der Dier.
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