50 Common Verbs in English

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it's a modal verb which expresses promises, requests, suggestions or threats; you may express future tense (Future Simple) with the verb "will"; the negative form of "will" is "won't"
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1) a very polite version of the modal verb "can" 2) Past Simple form of the modal verb "can"
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to appear to be something
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a) to allow something to happen b) the popular form of the verb "let's" is used to formulate suggestions
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it means basically the same as "do" but "make" builds different collocations e.g. you can make: a booking, a break, a cake, a change, jokes, a living, love, a mess, notes, a suggestion or a wish (and many more)
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generally it means to obtain i.e. if someone gives you something you want; the verb "to get" builds up a lot of collocations and can change its meaning depending on the context
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to travel towards; the verb "to come" is present in many collocations and may then change its meaning
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The importance of verbs in English

The verb is a word that is used to indicate an action or a state, forming the predicate of a sentence. The verb is the most important part of a sentence because without it, the sentence doesn't even exist. As an example: "Irene me a gift". Do you feel like something is missing? That's it! It is important to learn common verbs because they are extremely useful in expressing yourself during a conversation. There are more purposes for verbs in English and in other languages. A verb can help you ask somebody something. The verbs express actions and states, you use them to give commands and to make different statements. Learn these 50 verbs to use them in the next conversation!

Learn common verbs

This lesson will introduce you to the 50 verbs that are some of the most common verbs in English language. This list of verbs includes 50 verbs that were especially chosen by our professional linguists. The 50 verbs include different types of verbs: action verbs, helping verbs and linking verbs. These 50 verbs will help you build your own sentences in English. Also, these 50 verbs will help you understand the most common verbs that natives use in conversations. Here are some verb examples from the 50 verbs of the lesson:
  • 1. to keep
  • 2. to help
  • 3. to show
  • 4. to be
  • 5. to play
Find more examples of verbs in this lesson! Master the 50 verbs to enhance your English vocabulary!

Learn more verbs!

Master this list of 50 verbs and continue your English journey! There are a lot of English resources we prepared on our platform! Take a look at the Top 1000 English Words course. It will teach you many common English words that you will add to the 50 verbs you learnt and enhance your English vocabulary. The Top 100 Phrasal Verbs course will teach you the most common phrasal verbs in English. You will master informal English in a fun and interesting way! Learn English fast and easy with VocApp's flashcards!

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