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inizia ad imparare
from a lower to a higher position
inizia ad imparare
to express the location of an object in the middle of two other objects
inizia ad imparare
on a higher level than something else
inizia ad imparare
to identify the agent of the action; to indicate how something is achieved
inizia ad imparare
used when expressing the relation between people
inizia ad imparare
at the back of something
inizia ad imparare
happening or continuing after, on a higher level than something else
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Before starting to learn preposition flashcards, it is a great idea to learn some basic things about prepositions and their importance. According to the preposition definition, a preposition is a word that is used to link phrases, nouns or pronouns to the other words of a sentence. English prepositions are usually short words. These are placed before nouns or pronouns and sometimes before gerund verbs. Prepositions connect the subject with the location and time in a sentence. Some of the most common English words are included in our preposition flashcards. It is important to learn these preposition flashcards in order to unite words in a sentence and know how to express yourself in different situations.

List of prepositions

The preposition flashcards of this lesson include some of the most important basic prepositions you need to learn. Each of the preposition flashcards will show you a picture related to the preposition along with the pronunciation and definition. These preposition flashcards also include different types of prepositions with preposition examples:
  • 1. prepositions of time (in, on, since, at)
  • 2. prepositions of place (on, behind, at)
  • 3. prepositions of things or agents (by, with)
  • 4. prepositions of devices (with, by)
  • 5. prepositions of direction (towards)
Learn these preposition flashcards in no time with our site! Master the preposition flashcards and continue improving your English language skills!

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The preposition flashcards will be very useful and helpful if you're learning English! These preposition flashcards will help you form sentences and link the different parts of the sentences. But what if you don't know enough English words to form your own sentences? Learning preposition flashcards will not be enough in such case. Don't worry! Our linguists created professional courses to help you enhance your English vocabulary! Take a look at the Top 1000 English Words, Top 100 Phrasal Verbs and English idioms courses and continue learning English!

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