Most popular Spanish singers

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Julio Iglesias
He sings the famous "Soy un Truhán"
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Julio Iglesias is a Spanish singer and songwriter born in Madrid. He has sold more than 250 million records worldwide, which makes him one of the top selling artists in the music history. Moreover, he has sung in more than 13 different languages!
Alejandro Sanz
His single "La Tortura" featuring Shakira had worldwide success.
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His real name is Alejandro Sánchez. He was born in Madrid to Andalusian parents, which made him feel connected to his flamenco roots. He gained international recognition thanks to singles such as "Corazón Partío'" and "Y, ¿Si Fuera Ella?".
Joaquín Sabina
Born in 1949
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Joaquín Sabina is a Spanish singer, songwriter and poet born in the southern region of the country. He has released 14 albums and many poetry books to this day. Then he signed with CBS and released "Malas Compañias", which attained him wide recognition.
Paco de Lucía
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He was a flamenco guitarist, composer and record producer. He was a visionary and had the initiative to mix flamenco with other musical genres like jazz and classical music. He is considered to be the best musician in the Spanish history.
David Bisbal
His single "Bulería" has sold over a million copies worldwide.
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He is a Spanish singer and actor who initially became famous thanks to a Spanish music show contest called Operación Triunfo. Bisbal is now an artist with international recognition, and has released songs featuring Rihanna and Miley Cyrus.
"Moriría Por Vos" is one of their most known singles.
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Amaral is a Spanish folk rock band known for its complex poetic lyrics inspired by literature and cinema. It is considered to be one of the best-selling Spanish bands of all time, having won numerous awards including the MTV Europe Music Award.
Miguel Bosé
"Morena Mía" was nominated for a Latin Grammy.
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He is a Panamanian-born Spanish musician and actor. Thanks to his talent and different looks, he quickly gained a spot in the music industry. His singing career has been going on for over 40 years now, and includes singles featuring Shakira.
Joan Manuel Serrat
"Mediterráneo" is a song that every Spaniard knows.
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He is a Spanish songwriter whose poetic lyrics, inspired by poets such as Mario Benedetti, have made him one of the most, if not the most important figure in popular Spanish music. His art is often linked to his ideological beliefs.
Enrique Iglesias
"Bailando" is one of his most famous hits.
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Having sold more than 170 million records worldwide, Enrique Iglesias has followed the steps of his famous dad, Julio Iglesias. The media has even crowned him as the king of latin pop. He has released albums both in Spanish and English.
Monserrat Caballé
She recorded a duet alongside Freddie Mercury called "Barcelona".
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She was a Spanish operatic soprano whose international success came when she had to replace the famous Marilyn Horne at a New York's Carnegie Hall. That chance granted her a 25-minute standing ovation. She performed in leading opera houses.

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