Spanish inventions

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The mop
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Manuel Jalón, an engineer with the Spanish Air Force, realised that the way the floor was cleaned during the 1950s was not very practical. It was necessary to get down on your knees and rub the dirt with a wet rag. That's how he invented the mop in 1956.
The submarine
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The Murcian engineer Isaac Peral changed the world of marine navigation thanks to his invention of the submarine in 1888. The first one that was built was part of the military navy, but today its use covers much more.
The lollipop
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Putting a stick to a candy may be a fairly simple invention, but Enric Bernat had this great idea and in a short time it spread to everyone. The logo of Chupa Chups, the Spanish brand of these candies, was designed by the painter Dalí.
The cable car
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Leonardo Torres and Quevedo came up with this idea in 1887, and it spread rapidly all over the world. It was called "Funicular" and the first to be built is in the Basque city of San Sebastian.
The classical guitar
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That's why we all know this guitar as "Spanish guitar". This six-stringed instrument is known all over the world and was invented between the 13th and 18th centuries.
The cigarette
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It was Columbus himself and his crew who introduced the tobacco leaf to the peninsula. Legend has it that it used to be fashionable among the royalty and the peasants of Seville used to collect the chips and roll them in rice leaves.
The gyroplane
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This aircraft is considered the predecessor of today's helicopters. The Spanish engineer Juan de la Cierva designed it in the 1920s. It was much smaller in size than now, so it was very easy to take off and land in small places.
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Table soccer or foosball was invented by Alejandro Campos Ramírez, who never imagined how famous this game would become. Who has never spent an evening playing with friends?

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