Shopping – English idioms and sayings

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To steal goods from a shop.
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to shop lift
Shop lifting is a petty crime.
The idea that buying things can cheer you up.
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shopping therapy
Shopping therapy is the only therapy that helps when I'm sad.
An item packaged and marketed under the brand name of a particular retailer, usually a large supermarket chain.
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own brand
Generally I don't buy own brand products, but I really like this chocolate.
To tell someone in authority of someone else's crimes.
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to shop someone
Many people think that to shop someone is the worst thing a person can do.
To be in complete disarray.
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to be all over the shop
I'm sorry, I'm all over the shop today. I just can't concentrate on anything.
To discuss one's business or profession.
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to talk shop
Stop talking shop, we're here to relax.
To buy something that proves to be worthless.
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1. to buy a lemon 2. to buy a pig in a poke
I shouldn't have bought that car, it turned out I bought a lemon.
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