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adjective; /ɒltɜːnətiv/
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An alternative approach, way, source, etc. is not the usual one.
Do you have some alternative transportation in case the car breaks down?
way of acting; /ˌkənˈvɛnʃən/ or /ˈkɒnˌvɛnʃən/
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A convention is a particular way of acting or a particular belief of a group of people.
countable & uncountable
There are a set of conventions that every member must observe.
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A maximum is the largest or highest value or amount.
The maximum number of people we can accept is 25.
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A component is one part that connects to other parts.
The components of healthy diet are exercising, fasting and balancing nutrients in the meal.
money; /fʌnd/
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A fund is an amount of money kept for a specific purpose.
Our fund-raising campaign has a target of $100,000.
noun; on a keyboard; /ʃɪft/
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shift in inglese
The shift key on a computer capitalizes letters.
a quality of measurement; BrE: /vəˈlɪd.ɪ.ti/, AmE: /vəˈlɪd.ə.t̬i/
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A validity is a quality of measurement that shows the degree by which the measurement reflects the thing beneath it.
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