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accumulation of sth; /əˌkjuːmjəˈleɪʃən/
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An accumulation of something, is a number or amount of it that has come together over time.
The failure to pump leads to an accumulation of blood in the heart.
verb; highlight sth; /ˈhaɪlaɪt/
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If you highlight something, you make it more noticeable or obvious.
I usually use a pen to highlight the important section in my textbook.
noun; technical (distance); /ˈɒfsɛt/
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An offset is the distance that something moves away from where it is supposed to be or where it was.
countable & uncountable
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A vehicle is something that moves people or things from one place to another, for example: cars, planes, boats, etc.
Bicycles and wheelchairs are allowed. All other vehicles must stay off the path.
use or treatment; /ˌeksplɔɪˈteɪʃən/
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Exploitation is the use or treatment of someone unfairly.
Today, most countries have laws against the exploitation of children in factories.
2+2; /plʌs/
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You use plus when you add numbers.
Two plus two is four. (2+2=4)
verb; BrE: /ˈʃɛdjul/, AmE: /ˈskɛ.dʒul/
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If you schedule something, you make a plan for when and where it will happen.
The party was originally scheduled for June 5th.
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