Untranslatable - Nepreložiteľné

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the most common non-sweet pastries besides bread
I am going to have Slovak pastry instead of bread for breakfast.
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Na raňajky si dám rožok namiesto chleba.
sheep's milk cheese
We ordered cheese potato dumplings.
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Objednali sme si bryndzové halušky.
to call a mobile phone and let it ring only once
Just call me, but let it ring just once.
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Iba mi prezvoň.
the act of clinking glasses
Let's clink glasses.
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Štrngnime si.
traditional woodwind instrument
He can play the traditional woodwind instrument quite well.
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Hrá na fujaru celkom dobre.
folk costume
She got a new folk costume for her birthday.
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Na narodeniny dostala nový kroj.
the pleasure of another person's misfortune
Don't find pleasure in someone's misfortune.
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škodoradostný = adjective from škodoradosť
Nebuď škodoradostný.
to put in an extra order
I will get one more dessert as an extra order.
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Priobjednám si ešte jeden zákusok.

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