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to negotiate
inizia ad imparare
to work out mutual agreement on something
Diplomacy is an art of negotiation.
to represent
inizia ad imparare
to act in the name of someone
Diplomats represent their country abroad.
to recall an ambassador
inizia ad imparare
to withdraw an ambassador from the particular state
Israel will recall its ambassador immediately.
courtesy call
inizia ad imparare
meeting of symbolic value
also: sign of politeness
He paid a courtesy call to Foreign Minister just after his arrival to the country
inizia ad imparare
country's or organization's foreign representative
also: one of the diplomatic ranks
States send their envoys for ages.
ministry of foreign affairs
abbreviated: MFA
inizia ad imparare
governmental unit responsible for conducting of foreign policy
MFA strongly condemns any act of terror.
inizia ad imparare
very formal kind of event
may also refer to a religious event
The whole staff participated in the grand opening ceremony.
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