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sphere of influence
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an area over which a state dominates or would like to dominate
Thinking in the terms of spheres of influence reminds colonial period.
global leadership
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state of playing the role of global superpower
US global leadership is contested by Russia and China.
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a dominant influence of only one state among the others
Great Britain established its hegemony on the seas in the 19th century.
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the use of spies to obtain secret informations from foreign states
The risk of Chinese espionage is very high.
to persuade
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to make someone believe in something by power of argumentation
During the peace talks he tried to persuade his counterpart.
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non-objective informations used to convince the audience
Propaganda shouldn't be seen as a part of country's soft power instruments.
to destabilize
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to make a situation in the country unstable.
NATO fears that Ukraine may be destabilized even more.
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