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standard of living
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the level of comfort and financial capabilities of the people
Standard of living in the Global South is gradually improving.
mass media
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forms of communication that reach large group of people
e.g. television, newspapers, radio, Internet
Mass media reports about the developments in the whole world.
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a group of people from their original country spread all around the world
There is a great Armenian diaspora all around the world.
developing country
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a country with low industrial and economic level of development
"Developing country" term is an euphemistic way to name a poor country.
non-state actor
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kind of international relations actor that is not affiliated with any country's government
Non-state actors shouldn't be overlooked in international politics.
world government
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concept of one global, universal authority
There is no world government despite the fact that UN unites almost all of the countries.
technological progress
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technological modernization; development of new technologies
Technological progress may lead to significant changes in the international politics realm.
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