ESL Podcast 8 - The Commute Home and Running Errands

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quitting time
At quitting time, they all turn off their computers, put on their jackets, and walk to the metro station.
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to signal
The car’s lights were broken so the driver had to signal where he was going by holding his arm out of the window.
obracać, odwracać się, skręcać
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to turn
Right-hand turns are not allowed here because the street is closed today.
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to merge
Merging onto the freeway was one of the scariest parts of learning how to drive.
ruch uliczny
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Today there was so much traffic that driving home took almost two hours. Normally it’s a 40-minute drive.
Zatrzymaj się i idź
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Southern California is well known for its stop-and-go traffic in the morning hours.
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to stall
Her car stalled in the middle of the street so she had to ask other people to help her push it to the side of the road.
szybki pas ruchu
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fast lane
Grandpa always gets frustrated when he sees a slow-moving car in the fast lane.
blokować ruch
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to back up
The accident has backed up traffic for four miles. Hopefully the police will clear the accident soon so that cars can begin moving again.
ulice powierzchniowe
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surface streets
Driving on surface streets is slower than driving on a freeway, but it lets you see more interesting things.
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Do we have any eggs in the refrigerator or do I need to buy more?
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Could you please buy some bread and milk at the market after work today?
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This meat is already cooked so it won’t take long to make the sandwiches.
kasa gdzie płacisz za zakupy
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checkout stand
Sir, this checkout stand is only for customers who have 10 or fewer items.
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That store is hiring cashiers who are friendly and are good at math.
osoba która pakuje zakupy
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That bagger must be new because he’s putting the milk on top of the eggs. They’re going to break!
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How did this bag of candy get into my shopping cart? My children must have put it there when I wasn’t looking.
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to load up
As soon as we load up the car with these suitcases, we’ll be ready to drive to the airport.

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