Holiday Vocabulary - Definition

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We're looking for a self-catering accomodation near the city centre.
inizia ad imparare
the action of holidaying or staying in accommodation with facilities to cook one's own meals
tourist trap
Don't go to that place, it's a big tourist trap!
inizia ad imparare
a place that attracts way too many tourists
youth hostel
Youth hostels are much cheaper than the usual hotel rooms.
inizia ad imparare
refers to a place that provides cheap accommodation
holiday of a lifetime
That trip we took last year was a holiday of a lifetime.
inizia ad imparare
a very special holiday that you are unlikely to repeat
to go sightseeing
Let's go sightseeing, the city is so beautiful!
inizia ad imparare
to visit interesting places that tourists usually visit
holiday resort
This region is famous for its holiday resorts.
inizia ad imparare
a place that is frequented for holidays
long weekend
I took advantage of the long weekend to relax.
inizia ad imparare
a holiday period that includes one or more of the days preceding or following a weekend
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