the promise and the great

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inizia ad imparare
(used especially between Christians and Muslims) someone who does not have the same religious beliefs as the person speaking:
He lived among infidels/the infidel. infidel armies
śledziona, zły humor, chandra
inizia ad imparare
an organ near the stomach that produces and cleans the body's blood. a feeling of anger and disagreement
Shareholders used the conference as an opportunity to vent their spleen on (= get angry with) the Board of Directors.
inizia ad imparare
chemist, apothecary
a person who in the past made and sold medicines
zgodnie z przepisami
inizia ad imparare
in accordance with the regulations
inizia ad imparare
Broad bean
a large, pale green bean that can be eaten
inizia ad imparare
level, nullify
The state death penalty law was nullified in 1977. All my hard work was nullified when I lost my notes.
inizia ad imparare
a deep narrow valley with steep sides. Dalkow ravines
inizia ad imparare
be betrothed to sb
osoba nietolerancyjna (np. rasista, antysemita)
inizia ad imparare
Nie mylić z polskim słowem "bigot" oznaczającym kogoś przesadnie religijnego(bigoted,. bigotry)
wdychać, upajać się (świeżym powietrzem), wchłaniać (wiedzę), raczyć się, popijać (alkohol)
inizia ad imparare
to drink, especially alcohol: to receive and accept information, etc.
Have you been imbibing again? Just imbibe what the person says and take it into your system.
siatka, oczko w sieci, pasować do siebie, zazębiać
inizia ad imparare
(a piece of) material like a net with spaces in it, madeWhen different things or people mesh, they suit each other or work well together from wire, plastic, or thread.
The members of the team just didn't mesh. I need a job that meshes with my family life, as I have two little kids. The teeth of the smaller and larger gears mesh with each other. a sieve with a fine/large mesh
inizia ad imparare
to damp
This cake is nice and moist! Keep the soil in the pot moist, but not too wet. Sauces add moistness, flavour, and interest to the dishes they accompany.
łagodzić, uspokajać (np. konflikt), zmniejszyć (ciężar, wagę), zmniejszać
inizia ad imparare
to make something less harmful, unpleasant, or bad:
It is unclear how to mitigate the effects of tourism on the island. We have to mitigate the conflict between these two groups.
wrodzony (np. urok), wpojony, przyrodzony
inizia ad imparare
an inbred quality or characteristic is firmly established in a person. congenital
an inbred sense of right and wrong inbred racism
inizia ad imparare
inizia ad imparare
to plop. to make a sucking sound like the one produced when you are walking on soft, wet ground:
He got out of the car and squelched through the mud to open the gate.
inizia ad imparare
the five lines and four spaces between them on which musical notes are written
przechytrzyć, obejść (prawo), ominąć
inizia ad imparare
to avoid something, especially cleverly or illegally:
Ships were registered abroad to circumvent employment and safety regulations. The worst problems came from circumvention of the rules. The ban is open to easy circumvention.
przypalać (o słońcu), parzyć (skórę), wyryć w świadomości, wysuszyć, wyschnięty
inizia ad imparare
to burn the surface of something with sudden very strong heat: to fry a piece of meat quickly at a high temperature, in order to prevent liquid and flavour escaping from it. singe
The heat from the explosion seared their hands and faces. The disaster is indelibly seared into the villagers' memories. The image was seared into her memory.

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