Chinese loanwords
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Chinese loanwords
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Interested in knowing which words in Chinese are loanwords from English words? Well you should check this course out!
Did you know that loanwords became common after the reform and opening of China and the increased contact with the West?
This list of words similar to your language will make it easy to remember new vocabularies
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Religion - 宗教Religion - 宗教  
17 schede
Science and Health - 科学,健康Science and Health - 科学,健康  
18 schede
Food and Drink - 食物,饮料Food and Drink - 食物,饮料  
19 schede
Art and Music - 艺术,音乐Art and Music - 艺术,音乐  
18 schede
Countries - 国家Countries - 国家  
18 schede
Culture, Society and Daily Life - 文化,社会和生活Culture, Society and Daily Life - 文化,社会和生活  
16 schede
Brands - 名牌Brands - 名牌  
17 schede
Famous Characters - 有名的角色Famous Characters - 有名的角色  
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