У атэлі - In a hotel

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Я зрабіў бронь на мінулым тыдні.
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I made a reservation last week.
Снеданне ўключана?
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Is breakfast included?
Магу я паглядзець на нумар, калі ласка?
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Can I see the room, please?
Я заплачу чэкам.
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I'd like to pay by check.
Мне трэба каб парцье занёс мае рэчы ў нумар, калі ласка.
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I need the porter to take my luggage to the room, please.
У вас ёсць бронь?
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Do you have a reservation?
Я жадаю атрымаць нумар на аднаго.
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I would like to get a single room.
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