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GRAN_Furniture 1 - list 1
JM_Flights 1
RC_Clothes_list 1
animals 1
RC_Illnesses_list 1
RC_Cyberchondriac_list 2
Mono_Entertainment_list 1
Mono_Music_list 1
GW_Adjectives list 1
Moja lekcja
EFupper_Lost in the Jungle_list 1
BR_inter_Unit 11_Decisions
PER_Haggling 15.01.2020
MG_I feel sick_list 1
AS_Speak Confident English List 1
EF_ele_Giving directions_16.01.2020
US_Furniture_list 1
BR_inter_unit 10_Facilities
BR_inter_unit 12_Innovation
BR_inter_unit 6 Visitors
BR_inter_unit 13_Breakdown
BR_inter_Unit 9_Logistics
BR_inter_unit 8_ Working together
Arlena Witt_say/tell
EF_ele_The weather
MOTI_list 1
EF_ele_Verb phrases
BR-inter_Unit 7_Security
BR_inter_unit 5 _Customers
BR_inter_Unit 4_Services and systems
EF_ele_Everyday Objects
BR pre-inter_Unit 5_Employment
BR pre-inter Unit 4_New products
EF upper_Unit 2B_Older and wiser
BR pre-inter Unit 11_Entertainment
BR_inter_Unit 14_Processes
Pixi list 1
EF_ele_verbs past simple
EF_upper_Clothes and fashion
EF_upper_unit 3B_Adverbs
EF_upper_Unit 3B_Stories
EF_ele_Unit 7C_A night to remember
BR-pre-inter_Unit 8_Orders
BR_inter_Unit 11_Communication skills
BR_inter_Unit 11_Communication skills
EF_ele_Unit 8B_A house
EF_ele_Unit 6C_Music
BR_pre-inter_Unit 7_Travel
ML_Upper_UNit 3 Building relationship
BR_pre-inter Unit 9 Selling
Laura Perls_Essay 2
IU_Everyday activities_list 1
IU_List 2
Laura Perls_Essay 2_part 2
ML_inter Unit 7_Culture Shock
EF_4B_ A speedaholic
BR-pre-inter unit 9 Business Communication
EF_ele_unit 8C_ A haunted hotel
BR_inter_Unit 15_ Performance
EF_inter_Unit 8A_The King of Complainers
GW_presentations_part 2
Bill Gates at Ellen
EF_inter_8A_Word building_nouns
EF_inter_unit 8A_Word formation_adjectives
BR_inter_unit 16_Success
ML_inter_unit 8_Human Resources
ML_inter_Unit 1 Brands
ML_upper_Unit 3_China
Laura Perls_Essay 3_The Psychoanalyst and the Critic
AW_Lesson_8 March
CoV Prevention Tips
BR_inter_Unit 2_Projects
Laura Perls_The psychology of Give and Take
Are you a risk-taker?
EF_A haunted hotel
EF_ele_9A_Cookery course
EF_upper_7A Arguments
Laura _4
BR_pre-inter_Unit 13_Future trends
BR_pre-inter_unit 13 Future trends part 2
EF_inter_unit 8A_WORK
EF_ele_10B Couchsurfing
EF_ele_At the restaurant_p. 74,75
EF_ele_Unit 11A_First impressions
EF_ele_Unit 11 B_ Ambitions
BR_pre-inter_Unit 13_Future trends_part 2
EF_ele_Unit 11C_Internet
ML_uppper_Unit 4 Success
EF_upper_Unit 8A_CRIME
EF_upper_8A_Online Crime
English with TV series_Flirting with Police
Crime and punishment_vocab
BR_inter_Unit 8 Communication skills
EF_upper_The Body
EF_upper_The Body_verbs_part 2
EF_upper_7B Body language
EMAILS_part 1
ML_inter_Luxury brands
BR_pre-inter_Unit 1 Companies
ARMK_Giving opinions
ARMK_Zwroty grzecznościowe.
EF_upper_Mega cities
ML_Upper_Unit 1 Communication
EF_Unit 1C Arrivals at the airport
TED talk_Success is a continuous journey
BR_inter_Unit 2_Delegating tasks
Marie Forleo_Gut feeling versus Logic
TED talk_10 ways to have a better conversation
ARMK_JC_Lesson 3
ARMK-Sylwia_lesson 5
ARMK_Robert_Lesson 6
ML_inter_Culture shock Unit 7
ML-upper_Customer Service text
No bosses_6 min English
ML-inter_Unit 6_Whizz-kid
lesson 100
ML_inter_Business Ethics
Lesson # 3 IS_A1
Lesson # 1 UEK_APO Introduction
UEK Lesson #1 WM_Introduction
BR_pre-inter Unit 3
Lesson # 2 UEK MW_Change
UEK_AZ_Lesson #1 Introduction
IS_Lesson_Customer care_part 2
UEK_GL_Lesson #1_Introduction
BR_pre-inter_Unit 2 Contacts
BR_pre-inter Unit 2 Contacts_part 2
Justyna Lesson # 1 Introduction
The hotel_Learn English with TV series
UEK_Lesson #4 Mercedes
UEK_AZ_Lesson # 3
Lesson # 4
UEK_GL_Lesson # 2
UEK_GL_Lesson # 2 Talent management
Justyna_Lesson #2
ARMK_RS_Lesson Sept
BR_pre-inter_Unit 3
JM_PJ_Lesson 1
RC_KCH_lesson_Unit 3 part 1
UEK_MW_Lesson # 5 Change
UEK_MW_Lesson #6
UEK_Lesson GL
UEK_AZ_Lesson #4
UEK_GL_Lesson # 3_Social media
IS_A1_Lesson # 6
UEK_APO_TED_Facebook's role in Brexit and threat to democracy
UEK_AZ_Lesson # 6 Change part 2
UEK_GL_Lesson #4
IS_Lesson #7 A day in the life of an aerobics teacher.
RK_Lesson #3
RK_Electric cars_Lesson # 4
Justyna_Lesson # 3
UEK_AZ_Lesson # 7
UEK_MW_Lesson #9 Organization
UEK_AZ_Lesson #7
UEK_GL_Lesson #5
US_ASZ_Lesson #1
UEK_JTM_Lesson #1
UEK_JTM_Lesson #1 part 2
ARMK_PP_Lesson #1
ML_Upper_Unit 5 Job satisfaction
UEK_GL_Social Dilemma_Lesson # 5
UEK_MW_Lesson # 10 Cultures
ML_inter HR_Women at work_
UEK_GL_Lesson # 6 Successful organizations
UStat_B1+_Lesson #1 Working life
U. Stat. _B1+_Lesson #2_Responsibilities at work
UEK_JTM_Lesson # 4 Things
Justyna Lesson #4 Italy & Food
ARMK_SS_Lesson Practical English Coffee to take away
UEK_AZ_Lesson #11
MONO_MM_Lesson # 1
UEK_MW_Lesson # 11 Cultures
UEK_JTM_Lesson #5_Clothes and colours
UEK_AZ_Lesson # 12_Cultures
UEK_GL_Lesson #7
MONO_MM_Lesson #2 International Meetings
MONO_AB_Lesson #1 Time management
MONO_KN_Lesson #2
ARMK_SS_Lesson_Unit 4A_Family
ARMK_JC_Lesson Success
ARMK_RS_Lesson_A discussion
MONO_AB_Lesson #2
UEK_AZ_Lesson #13
UEK_MW_Chinese protocol
JM_PJ_Property LAW
Simon Sinek_Leaders Eat Last-interview
BR_KCH_Unit 6
ASZ_Lesson JSAT.
Property LAW_part 2
ARMK_RS_Human rights
UEK_AZ_Lesson Cultures #14
UEK_GL_Lesson # 8
BR-pre-inter_Unit 6
Simon Sinek_Leaders Eat Last - part 2
MONO_KN_Lesson #4
BR_pre_Unit 6 Comparisons
UEK_MW_Lesson HR_part 2
UEK_GL_Job satisfaction part 1
UEK_JTM_Classroom language
Ewelina_Lesson #1
Marzena_Lesson_3B_Verbs plus prepositions
Marzena_3C_Word games and definitions
PJ_Business LAW_adjectives_part 2
UEK_APO_Team building
Wojtek_Lesson #1 November
GW_8A_Giving advice
KCH_Giving opinions
Inter A1+ JOBS
ML_ele_Introducing people
UEK_APO_Team building_part 2
MG_3C_describing words
Justyna_Lesson # 5
EF_ele_4C Short life, long life
MG_At the restaurant-Practical English
Future clauses
UEK_MW_Leadership_part 1
UEK_AZ_Leadership_part 1
UEK_GL_Management styles_part 1
UEK_JTM_Practical English page 10
LAW_Key expressions_part 1
ML_upper_Unit 7_Management styles
EF_Practice FIle_p. 90 At the airport
EF_ele_Arriving in London_part 2
BR_pre-inter_Unit 5 Describing progress
BR_inter_4_Communication skills_Comparing old and new
LAW_Key expressions_part 2
Ewelina_ Lesson #2
UE_AZ_Leadership_part 2
BR_pre-inter_unit 7_Travel_part 2
ML_upper_Crisis Management
EF_pre-inter 4A_Make & Do
Business LAW_Consumer Goods
Consumers_part 2
Intersnack_ML-ele_unit 2
EF_ele_5C_X Factor
ML_Crisis management_Reading_part 2
AZ_BBC_Learning English
MR_Lesson 1_2021
UEK_AZ_New Year's Resolutions
Fluency test
Corporate responsibility_environment
ARMK_SK_Tiny Habits
JM_PJ. Corporate responsibility. Communitties p. 18
BR-inter Unit 1 Working life
MG_Lesson #1_Introduction
Corporate responsibility_finances
ML-ele, unit 3 Dining out
UEK_JW_Lesson #1 Introduction
EF_ele_Unit 3B_Uniforms
Marysia_Lesson #4
Business LAW_Dispute resolution
EF-Unit 5C
BR-pre-inter Unit 10 New Ideas
UEK_JW_Lesson #2_Are you a coffee person?
Lesson nr 3 Animals
MG_Lesson #5 BR_Unit 1
GMAT 2 Maths 1
PS_Lesson # 4_A new project
BR_Unit 3_Work-life balance
ML_UNit 3 Phrasal verbs
Money_Amanda Steiberg
Grzegorz B_2nd March
PS_Lesson #5
English for Presentations_Introduction
English for Presentations_Main Body
JWT_Lesson # 4_What sort of person are you?
MG_Lesson nr 6_Unit 1 Companies
Presentations_Describing visuals
GMAT_Maths_Practice Questions_4.3
Presentations_Conclusions & Dealing with questions
EF-pre-inter Unit 5A_No time for anything
UEK_GL_Lesson 8 March_Crisis Management 2
UEK_AZ_Lesson 8 March
UEK_MW_Lesson 8 Marzec_Jobs of the future
Phrasal verbs_Easy English
BR-pre Unit 10 Passives
ML-ele-Unit 4 Travel
EF-ele Unit 2A_Holidays
JWT_EF-ele-Unit 3A
MW_BR-pre-Unit 8
MG_Lesson nr 7_Asking questions
Affluenza part 2
GMAT_Maths_part 2_ex. 20-30
AZ_19 March_2021_Publishing
ML_overview_vocabulary_unit 1-12
PJ_Houses 2
ML-ele-unit 4 Business Hotels
ML_inter_overview_part 2
3 steps to stop remote work burnout
EF-ele-Unit 4B What a life!
MB_Lesson # 1_Introduction
Real English_1_Think in English
Cristiano Ronaldo Interview
JWT_Her job_his job
JWT_Lesson 7
MF_Lesson #1
AZ_Lesson 9 April
AZ_lesson 9 April
Real English_55 common phrases
Marie Forleo and Amanda Steinberg on Money matters.
PS_Lesson 29 April
ML_ele_FOOD_Unit 5
PS_Lesson 7 May
Post-pandemic Travel_The economist
KB_Lesson#2_11th May
How Covid-19 is boosting innovation?
ARMK_AL_Lesson #1
KB_28 May
KB_2 June 2021
AB_14 June
ML-ele-Unit 6 Buying and selling
Mono_Iza_Lesson nr 1_12.07.2021
BR-pre-inter_Trends_Unit 12
BR-pre-inter Unit 14_Time
ML-ele_unit 7_People
MB_Lesson 23 July
Karolina_Lesson_4 August_2021
Ewelina_5 August_ At the airport
45 Action Verbs_BoB Canadian
50 Phrasal Verbs_Bob the Canadian
KB_Lesson_11 AUG
ML_upper_unit 9_Rising finances
AZ_Lesson 6 Sept
MM_Mono_6 Sept_Revision
RK_Lesson 7 Sept
MM_Mono_8 Sept _Revision
JTM_Lesson #1_13th September
MM_Mono_13 Sept. Revision 3
KZ_Lesson #1_ Introduction
KZ_Lesson #1 _Intro 13th Sept
AB_MONO_14th September
AZ_Lesson #2 17th September
The Infinite Game by Simon Sinek_part 1
AZ_Lesson # 3 20 Sept
KZ_Lesson #2_Stories
THe infinite game_part 2
KZ_Lesson #3 27th Sept
IK_Mono_Lesson 27th Sept.
AZ_Lesson_28th Sept.
ML_Idioms_unit 1
KZ_Lesson nr 2_20 Septemeber
APO_Lesson #4 1 October_Seth Godin
AZ_Lesson 4th October
Ericsson_Lesson 1_4th October
Past simple_irregular verbs
Past Simple sentences
ARMK_Lesson #1 Word formation
UEK_J.W. T_Lesson 8th October
US_B1+ Lesson 1
JTM_Lesson 12th October
Intersnack_Unit 9_Companies_A favourite company
US_B1_Lesson #2
MG_Lesson 17th October_Presentation practice
Ericsson_Lesson #2_18th October
AZ_Lesson 18th October_Grammar review
Ericsson Lesson # 3 18th October
JM_Lesson #1 Job interview_19th October
JWT_Lesson 20th October
US_B1+_Lesson #3
Bob the Canadian_Inventions_idioms
ARMK_MM_Should you toughen up?
ARMK_JCH_21 October
ARMK_SS_22 October
MG_22 October
M. Baster 22 Oct.
AZ_25th Oct.
Ericsson Lesson #4
MONO_MM_25th Oct.
Kas_25th Oct.
AM_Lesson nr 2_Dealing with difficult situations
Intersnack A2_Lesson 26th October
US_B1 20th October Make or do?
US_B1_27 October
4-day workweek article
KCH_Lesson #1_30th October
JM_Lesson #3
KZ_lesson 2nd November
JWT_3rd November
Pratt 47_Lesson #1_4th November
Success is a continuous journey_extended
Pratt 36 Lesson #1_8th November
Pratt 46_Lesson 1_Introduction_3rd November
PRATT 46_Lesson 2_10th November
Loreal_Lesson #1 Introduction 10th November
Pratt 31e_Lesson #1 9th November
MD_Lesson #1_ 15th November
AZ_Lessson 15th November
Ericsson_Lesson #6_15th November
KZ_15th November
JWT_Lesson 17th November
Pratt 36_lesson #2 15th November
Pratt 36_22nd November_Describing things
Intersnack A2_23rd November
Pratt 31e_23 Nov
Loreal_Lesson #3_17th November
JWT_Lesson 24th November
Pratt_47_Lesson #2_ 18th November
Days of the week
Numbers 1-100
Things_vocabulary bank
Automation_TED article
The lost art of losing_TED
TED_How to stop languishing and start finding flow_Adam Grant
EF_Countries and nationalities
TED article: Should emotions be taught at schools?
Welcome to Peru!
Joey doesn't share food.
Loreal Lesson #4 1st December
EF_pre-inter_The weekend
JWT_Lesson 1st December
ML_upper_Building relationships
6 tips to manage your day
Kas_7th December

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